The Secretariat is a group of people who serve, work together, and are responsible for the movement in an area. You are invited to consider serving on the Windsor-Essex Cursillo Movement Secretariat. There are still unfilled positions. The harvest is plentiful and more hands are needed.

The Secretariat meeting is held on the 2nd Monday of every month at Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Essex, at 7 PM ET.

2022 Secretariat



Spiritual Director Deacon Mike Horoky
Lay Leader Mike Scott
Lay Leader Elect unfilled
Past Lay Leader Maggie Ducharme
Secretary Pauline Matthew
Treasurer Marta Silva
Pre-Cursillo Tom and Linda Brownlie
Pre-Cursillo Assistant Marcelo Arbex
Post-Cursillo Martin and Susan Hofgartner
Post-Cursillo Assistant unfilled
Material Director Steven and Elizabeth Scott
Materials Assistant unfilled
Men’s Director Chris Kowalsky
Men’s Director Assistant Terry Bachmeier
Women’s Director Joan Bachmeier
Women’s Director Assistant Lucille Zanier
Newsletter Ivan Jaramillo
Newsletter Assistant Danieli Arbex
Palanca Coordinator Luisa Jaramillo
Palanca Coordinator Assistant Martha Silva
School of Leaders Ivan Jaramillo
School of Leaders Assistant unfilled
Library Director Janet Moro
Library Assistant unfilled
Parish Rep Coordinator Linda Jones
Parish Rep Coordinator Assistant Anna Adams
Men’s Rector Mike Barnes
Women’s Rector Patti Praill

A Message From The Spiritual Director

Dearest Beloved,

During these amazing weekends, the Lord has flooded our souls and filled our hearts with an Amazing Grace that has allowed us to know Him and empowers us to make Him known.

There are two scripture passages in Matthew’s gospel: 13, 44 and 13, 15-18, that speak about what we have received out of God’s mercy and how to move forward. “For this people’s mind has become gross; their ears are dulled and their eyes are closed. Otherwise their eyes might see, their ears hear and their minds understand and then they might turn again and I would heal them.” Doesn’t that just about describe the condition of your souls and life before your Cursillo weekend? But through the great mercy of God, manifested through a community offering prayers, encouragement, and consolation, empowered by the life of Grace and the Holy Spirit, you have encountered the gift of God’s mercy in the person of Jesus Christ, who now can say to you, “But happy are your eyes because they now see and your ears because they now hear. Many prophets and saints I tell you desired to see what you now see and hear what you now hear.” YOU ARE MY BELOVED! WITH YOU I AM WELL PLEASED!

Matt. 13, 15-18, says, “The kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure buried in a field. The man who found it buried it again and for sheer JOY went and sold EVERYTHING HE HAD and bought that field.” We can turn this parable around and reflect on another aspect of its true message to carry us beyond this weekend, through our journey during this Lenten season. The field is the world you live in, YOU are the treasure and Jesus has found you on your Cursillo weekend and for sheer JOY sold EVERYTHING He had for YOU!

Woah, Woah, Woah, Woah!

De Colores!

Deacon Mike


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