In 1948, the first great Spanish Cursillo pilgrimage was held at the St. James Shrine at Santiago de Compostela Cathedral in Spain. The pilgrimage set a tone. The spirit of the pilgrimage is a spirit of restlessness, of dissatisfaction with spiritual lukewarmness. A spirit of moving onward was born. And so, ULTREYA was born; this Spanish word means “onward” or “keep on going.”

Ultreya began as a cry of encouragement, to encourage each other in their pilgrimage to the Father. The Ultreya spirit is also a spirit of brotherhood among fellow pilgrims who are striving together to reach the goal of a life fully given to the love of God and man.

Having contact with others who have the same faith ideal, blesses us with the support and encouragement that strengthens our Christian foundation and growth so we can keep on going on our journey.

It has been said, that an isolated Christian is a paralyzed Christian. Sharing with others is the best gift that we have—the knowledge and love of Christ, actively bringing the Kingdom of God into the world.

Please see the 2019 Ultreya Schedule below, and come out to the next Ultreya!

***All Ultreyas begin at 7:30 PM ET unless otherwise noted***

January 11 Sacred Heart 1425 Divine St., LaSalle
February 8 Our Lady Of Assumption, McEwan Campus 711 McEwan Ave., Windsor
March 8 Holy Name of Jesus ***7:00 PM 146 Talbot St. South, Essex
April 12 Our Lady Of Mount Carmel 4401 Mount Royal Dr., Windsor
May 10 St. Michael Parish 29 Elliott St., Leamington
June 14 St Francis Parish 32 Canal St West, Tilbury
July and August Summer Holidays Have a Blessed Summer!!
September 13 St. John de Brebeuf 67 Main Street East, Kingsville
October 11 Corpus Cristi 1400 Cabana Rd. W, Windsor
November 8 Ste. Anne Parish 12233 Tecumseh Rd E., Tecumseh
December 13 St. John Vianney 385 Dieppe St., Windsor
January 10, 2020 Sacred Heart

1425 Divine St., LaSalle

  • Special Ultreya: February 28, 2020!


Jesus the Good Shepherd

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